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COVID-19 Protocol and Waiver

What is the safety protocol?

All employees will have their temperature taken and wash their hands upon entering the studio. If they feel ill, they will not be allowed at the studio until they have a negative COVID test and symptoms are gone. All employees will practice social distancing while at the studio. Following each class, teachers will sanitize the room (including door handles, etc.), wash their hands and open the door for the next class to enter. Certain classes will be 45 minutes long to allow for safe entering/exiting and sanitation if they have a class with different dancers that follows. Focus for class will be on warm up, technique and recital/camp show choreography and classes.

Employee Checklist:

  • Take your temperature upon entering the building

  • Wash your hands before and after every class

  • Sanitize before and after every class

  • Wear a mask while bringing children into the studio or at any time where teachers are within 6 feet of dancers.

Dancers will line up on the lines on the ground outside of the front door no more than 5 minutes before their class time begins. We will take one dancer at a time as they arrive and bring them to their assigned spot in the studio. Dancers should be supervised by a parent or guardian until they enter the studio. Upon entering, dancers will sanitize their hands and head directly to class. Dancers should bring their own water bottle (water fountains will be closed). Any water bottles left at the studio will be thrown away at the end of the night for sanitary reasons. Please send your dancer to class in the appropriate dance shoes with their hair up and out of their face (to avoid touching their face). Cubbies will not be available for use. Dancers will have labeled spots along the wall for their belongings that are 6 feet apart. They must stay on their assigned spot while in class (6 ft or more from other dancers) during warmup/center and across the floor. They will stay in place for all of their dances to keep them 6 feet apart.


Dancers will be dismissed at the front door one at a time while maintaining social distancing. Parents of students under 10 years old must come to the front door to collect their child. You must wear a mask. Please pick up your dancer promptly so that we can prepare for the next class. Please talk to your dancer about social distancing, I know we all miss eachother but we cannot have hugging, etc at this time. If there is any chance that your dancer may not be able to follow the rules, please wait in your car in the parking lot and your dancer will be brought to you if they cannot continue in class or camp.

Dancer Checklist:

  • Use the bathroom before heading to the studio

  • Wear dance shoes, hair up and bring a water bottle

  • Apply hand sanitizer before entering the building and head straight to class

Parents, Siblings, Etc.
Our lobbies will remain closed for now to mitigate the amount of germs introduced into our facility. 

Parent Checklist:

  • Remain outside the building at all times

  • Wear a mask any time you are walking up to the front door to drop your child off or pick them up

  • Continue to call or email with any questions/concerns

  • Pick up your dancer at the appropriate time

What about masks?

Our instructors will not be required or recommended to wear masks during class. It is very difficult to breathe while exercising with a face covering. We are also aware of health issues that can occur due to rebreathing CO2 instead of fresh air while exercising. We do not recommend that dancers wear masks while dancing for the same reason. Children are also more likely to play with and move their masks as they become uncomfortable making them more susceptible to germs. Employees will wear a mask before class while we are letting the kids into the studio. All dancers are required to wear a mask when entering or leaving the studio, until they are in class and distanced from other students.

But what if my dancer isn’t ready?

*Classes*- not camps

If for any reason you are not comfortable or confident in these safety measures, please keep your child home and continue doing class via Zoom. We will have cameras set up and will still be running the Zoom meetings even while we are in the studio with students. We feel very fortunate that we can offer both options to meet everyone’s needs. The following families should keep their dancer home for class:

  • Anyone uncomfortable with sending their child to the studio for any reason at this time

  • Any family with multiple dancers enrolled that finds Zoom more convenient for scheduling

  • Anyone with a dancer or family member that feels ill

  • Anyone living with an immunocompromised family member

  • Anyone living or interacting with elderly people on a regular basis

The studio has been deeply cleaned and sanitized in preparation for dancers. We cannot wait to see everyone again and look forward to safely continuing to teach your dancers. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

COVID Waiver must be signed and either printed or emailed for all upcoming camps and classes.

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